Reflections on the "F-Stop Collaborate and Listen - NFT Panel" Podcast.

by Kieran Metcalfe
I have been vocal over the past few months against NFTs, primarily from an environmental standpoint. I was therefore very interested in Matt Payne's latest podcast episode where he discusses...
Posted at 13:51pm on 12th August 2021
Tags: Environment, NFT, Technical

Why I'm not following the NFT Craze

by Kieran Metcalfe
We’ve been out shooting, and taken care to not damage the landscape. We’ve stepped carefully to avoid crushing plants that might not recover, and we’ve even brought home a bag-full...
Posted at 14:20pm on 5th May 2021
Tags: Article, Environment, NFT, Respect, Technical

Taking Control of the Variables

by Kieran Metcalfe
Thoughts about using a Variable ND Filter for landscape photography.

This article was originally written for a Formatt Hitech Ambassador Focus article. To see the fully designed article layout, visit the Formatt...
Posted at 10:05am on 27th March 2020
Tags: Equipment, Filters, Formatt Hitech, Long Expsoure, Review, Technical

Inspired by Nature

by Kieran Metcalfe
I wrote the following article for the Campaign for National Parks, for the launch of their 2020 #InspiredByNatureComp competition. While written for them, it crystallised thoughts I'd wanted to write about...
Posted at 19:20pm on 9th January 2020
Tags: Campaign for National Parks, Creativity, Environment, inspiration, Respect

Why PSC Support?

by Kieran Metcalfe
PSC (Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis) is a rare auto-immune disease of the liver where chronic inflammation causes scarring in the bile ducts which can, in turn, eventually lead to damage to...
Posted at 11:06am on 28th October 2019
Tags: Calendar, Charity

Buying Secondhand Gear

by Kieran Metcalfe
This is an article which I originally wrote for Amateur Photographer as part of their "Secondhand Week". They used a slightly abridged version on their site, but this is the...
Posted at 17:47pm on 30th September 2019
Tags: Article, Equipment, Gear, Recommendations
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