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Cutting Through The Noise - Comparing Dynamic Range on Crop and Full Frame Sensors

by Kieran Metcalfe
I've recently taken the plunge and switched from a Canon 80D (APS-C) to the Sony A7R III (Full Frame Mirrorless). There were a couple of reasons behind the switch (which...
Posted at 15:03pm on 13th February 2022
Tags: Camera, Comparison, Dynamic Range, Equipment, Gear, Review, Technical

Taking Control of the Variables

by Kieran Metcalfe
Thoughts about using a Variable ND Filter for landscape photography.

This article was originally written for a Formatt Hitech Ambassador Focus article. To see the fully designed article layout, visit the...
Posted at 10:05am on 27th March 2020
Tags: Equipment, Filters, Formatt Hitech, Long Expsoure, Review, Technical