by Kieran Metcalfe
Posted at 11:06am on 28th October 2019

PSC (Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis) is a rare auto-immune disease of the liver where chronic inflammation causes scarring in the bile ducts which can, in turn, eventually lead to damage to the liver itself.

There's no cure at present, but that’s a large part of the awesome work that @PSCSupportUK

do. As well as providing help to sufferers, they’re instrumental in pushing forward vital research into a cures and treatments. There are some exciting studies going on at the moment.


Here's the thing - I have friends on here who may not be aware, and clients too (gulp), so I've shied away from saying it publicly, but I have PSC. The good news (for me) is that I'm currently free from any symptoms and side-effects and I don't need any specific treatments.


It was diagnosed when I had some tests, and my bloods were a bit out of whack. Since then though, things have settled down and my bloods are back where they should be. PSC progression is typically very slow, so it's being monitored, but there's no need for anything more.


Obviously, I have no idea what the future holds (but then, who does!). The key is that it doesn’t affect me day-to-day, and for that I’m very grateful.


However, through Facebook, I’m in contact with folk who have to deal with much worse than I do - pain, fatigue, and even needing a transplant. It affects their work and their daily lives - they often have to fight for the best treatment as many doctors haven't even heard of it!


Raising money for PSC Support UK through this calendar is me not taking for granted that I'm fit and well, and finding a way to do my bit in supporting those who need it through the charity, and maybe raising awareness.