£1,245 raised for PSC Support UK

I’m really excited to be producing a calendar again this year, and to have the chance to present this selection of images.

Comparing them to last year's set, I feel they're a real step forward photographically, and something which I hope you would enjoy having on your wall throughout the year. They feature some my favourite spots in the Peak District, Lake District and North Wales.

As a result of feedback on last year's calendar (a mix of "A4 is just right" and "I'd like something bigger"), I've decided to offer the calendar in TWO sizes - A4 landscape and A3 portrait. They both contain the same images, just with a slightly different layout. You can preview the images and layouts below.

As with last year's calendar, all the proceeds will be donated to PSC Support who work with sufferers of Primary Sclerosing Colangitis, and help champion vital research into a cure.

PSC is an auto-immune liver condition, causing the bile ducts to become inflamed and scarred, damaging the liver and sometimes requiring a transplant. At present, there is no cure, but some therapies and trials are yielding promising results

Exactly how much of your calendar price will go to the charity depends entirely on how many are sold. I'll obviously update you on the total raised once sales have ended.

Sample images